A specialized functional training program has been developed and is being offered both internationally and domestically to the industry at large by Project Material Control BV.  This program is currently comprised of two courses: PMC Basic Expediting Training and PMC Advanced Expediting Training. A brief outline of these courses:

  1. a) PMC Basic Expediting Training

This course is designed for the newly assigned/entry level Expediter, as well as a refresher course for practicing professionals. This course is comprised of six separate sessions, with a duration of four hours and concludes with a test.

  1. b) PMC Advanced Expediting Training

This course is designed as a follow-on to the Basic Expediting Training course, and is intended for experienced professionals who wish to advance their knowledge and further on their expertise in the field. Successful completion of the PMC Basic Expediting Training Course is a pre-requisite for enrolment in this course. There are seven separate sessions, with advance study assignments. Duration is six hours, with an examination at the conclusion.

For more information and detailed training programs please contact Ronald Kamies, tel. 023-5576429 or by email: r.kamies@projectmaterialcontrol.nl

Procurement Management System

In close cooperation with our software partner, Tecknoworks (Microsoft Gold and Oracle Gold partner), PMC can provide a Client tailor-made Procurement Management System. This module-based system will allow you to report all relevant procurement status information on project, purchase order and item level, using various efficient input and/or display screens. From the system general or detailed status reports can be generated on:

  • purchasing (inquiry, quotation and purchase order issue stages)
  • expediting (materials and vendor documents)
  • inspection requirements (ITP), inspection status and inspections schedules
  • shipping status
  • contracting and warehousing

For more information or to arrange a detailed presentation, please contact R. Kamies

Tel. No. +31 (0) 23 5576429

email r.kamies@projectmaterialcontrol.nl

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The VCA Certificate

Due to increasing health, safety and evironmental requirements many clients require VCU Certified contractors. PMC is a VCU Certified company (Certificate no: EBN VCU 2485 NACE code: 78.20). Confirming that all projects are executed in accordance with health, safety and evironmental regulations. To obtain a VCU Certificate PMC (individual) employees are all VCA certified. The VCU certificate allows PMC also to perform activities on construcion sites. The VCU certification is audited on an annual base in order to guarantee that most up to date health safety and environmental regulations are in place and adhered. More detailed information on VCU / VCA requirements can be find on the website of EBN : https://www.ebncertification.nl

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The added value of expediting.

Since last decade material expediting has become more and more important.

Vendors are forced to deliver at lower costs, better quality and shorter delivery dates. In order to save some money, the service standards of the vendors are under high pressure.

As a result, respecting contractual agreements, in particualar delivery dates, becomes more and more challenging. To make sure that delivery requirements are met, it is evident that proactive expediting is a must. PMC offers high quality expediting, starting immediately upon order placement. If necessary regular shop visits are arranged in order to visual check the progress on the shop floor. Suppliers tend to report a very optimistic view of achieved progress. By checking the actual progress against reported  progress, on the shop floor, potential problems can be identified at an early stage. This will allow the expeditor to prepare corrective action plans, in collaboration with the client and the supplier.