Peter Kwanten

Project Procurement Manager

We are very pleased to announce PMC expanded their staff with a highly experienced Procurement Manager  / Project Procurement Manager.  PMC now has the ability to offer procurement consultancy support as an additional service to our already existing expediting, inspection and shipping services.

Procurement consultancy support includes the setting up of a procurement organization, developing procurement procedures and strategies,  preparation of standard purchasing documents, developing  training programs, etc.

We are now also able to relieve the customer of the labor-intensive, time-consuming standard purchasing activities such as ordering (for and on behalf) of spare parts and/or standard items. PMC is very happy and proud to be able to expand their existing procurement support, as we now can provide a complete range of supply chain support. From issuing enquiries to having shipped the materials leading to significant cost savings for our Clients.

For more information please contact Mr. Ronald Kamies, tel. +31 (0) 23 5576429 or by e-mail:

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