Project Material Control b.v. (PMC) was established in 2004 by a team of experienced and qualified members, all with at least 15 years experience in material procurement/supply chain activities in steel (petro)chemical, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, offshore and food industries.

PMC offers a complete range of worldwide procurement and logistic services on mechanical (rotating and static), piping, valves,
instrumentation & electrical, civil and infrastructural


PMC as your partner in Material Management

  • Centralized project material control.
    For the duration of your project PMC will assign one project procurement coordinator who will be overall responsible for a smooth and efficient execution of your project, including detailed status reporting.
  • Cost Savings
    PMC will coordinate all project procurement activities to a maximum extent resulting in considerable cost reductions by combining activities and visits in the most efficient way.
    By coordinating and executing all services from our home office your costs for personnel and office facilities will be reduced.
  • Consultancy activities
    PMC can support you in optimizing your supply management organization by developing or  improving procedures and working methods and arrange training seminars for procurement personnel.