Our team of high-skilled and experienced desk- and shop expeditors ensures a proper and efficient order follow-up which will minimize the risk of construction delays.

Desk Expediting

Follow-up on non-critical, standard purchase orders and contracts by daily contacts with the vendors. Status information will be requested by email, telefax or telephone. Our Milestone Control System will ensure that vendors are contacted when required but at least every two weeks.

Shop Expediting

On critical, complicated and/or high volume orders regular shop visits will be made to ensure efficient follow-up by (sub) suppliers and check actual progress in the shop. A detailed visit report will be issued within 24 hours after the visit.

Document Expediting

Our expediting services include expediting of the total required document package such as approval documents, material- and test certificates, fabrication schedules, progress reports, material data books and installation and operating manuals.

Status Reporting

An itemized Material Status Report will be produced and issued at a mutually agreed frequency, outlining the detailed status of engineering, procurement, fabrication, assembly, testing and shipping.

Pro-active follow-up

Our expediting services ensure that potential problems are identified at an early stage of the project and allow us, in conjunction with the client, to propose and discuss corrective actions and initiate recovery plans.

Project Meetings

When required our project procurement coordinator will participate in client’s project meetings to report and explain the status of the purchase orders in more detail.