PMC Expediting Training Program

A specialized functional training program has been developed and is being offered both internationally and domestically to the industry at large by Project Material Control BV.  This program is currently comprised of two courses: PMC Basic Expediting Training and PMC Advanced Expediting Training. A brief outline of these courses:

  1. a) PMC Basic Expediting Training

This course is designed for the newly assigned/entry level Expediter, as well as a refresher course for practicing professionals. This course is comprised of six separate sessions, with a duration of four hours and concludes with a test.

  1. b) PMC Advanced Expediting Training

This course is designed as a follow-on to the Basic Expediting Training course, and is intended for experienced professionals who wish to advance their knowledge and further on their expertise in the field. Successful completion of the PMC Basic Expediting Training Course is a pre-requisite for enrolment in this course. There are seven separate sessions, with advance study assignments. Duration is six hours, with an examination at the conclusion.

For more information and detailed training programs please contact Ronald Kamies, tel. 023-5576429 or by email: